On Track Entrepreneurship Program

The On Track Entrepreneurship Program was designed to clearly identify profit centers within a business and provide a proven system for the entrepreneur to be successful. Many entrepreneurs are juggling businesses and careers at the same time with no strategy and end up getting little to no results. With Errol’s first hand success in creating and operating multiple business that yield billions of dollars in revenue annually and Tia’s organizational skills and years of coaching people into success, this program will truly get to the bottom line of your business.

Tia Ross
Life Transition Strategist

Educator, writer and inspirational speaker, Tia Ross influences thousands of teens and adults, teaching them how to become influential leaders through integrity-based decision-making, effective communication, and community involvement. She is a Certified Master Facilitator and Director for Motivating the Teen Spirit. Tia has been entrusted to manage the youth and families division of Lisa Nichols' Motivating the Teen Spirit.

Tia consults with small business owners and other entrepreneurs, helping them identify blocks to their progress and creating strategic plans to achieve success. She has traveled the country and the world providing guidance, wisdom and action plans to businesses and individuals.

Currently, Tia's give back to the world is her non- profit, "The I See Your Greatness Campaign." She is also co-owner and creator of Legacy Shifters. You can find out more about Tia at TiaRossandCompany.com.

Errol Abramson
Entrepreneurship Consultant

Errol Abramson’s business career spans internationally over 45 years. He has started, bought and turned around over 47 companies. (In 2016 he has three new startup companies) From retail to real estate development. Manufacturing to sports agency. Health spas to network marketing. Hedge funds to stem cell biotech science. Publishing and mortgage banking and more.

He has taken four of his companies to over the annual billion dollars mark. He is a writer, artist and musician. As a trainer and motivational speaker his messages and trainings have changed lives. As a consultant he works fast finding the heart of the matter and tables suggestion or direction to achieve results his clients desire. He is a “No nonsense guy that gets things done.” For years he has been headhunted by top fortune 500 companies to consult and resolve issues around management, growth and implementation. He has now turned his attention to small to medium size businesses where he feels he can make a real difference helping them grow. In his opinion, the most under valued asset in society is the Teacher.

Participating in our On Track Entrepreneurship Program will allow you to run multiple profit centers while buying back your time to enjoy your success.

Our On Track Entrepreneurship Program has two levels of services:

Beginning to Mid-Level On Track Entrepreneurship Program

Your "Beginning to Mid-Level On Track Entrepreneurship Program" includes:

  • Evaluation of your business to identify the profit centers
  • Follow-up assessment and game plan for success
  • Consulting session once-per-week to review your progress
  • One monthly review of your file by Errol and Tia

Advanced On Track Entrepreneurship Program

Your "Advanced On Track Entrepreneurship Program" includes:

  • Evaluation of your business to identify the profit centers
  • Follow-up assessment and game plan for success
  • Access to Tia 24 hours Monday - Friday; email and limited text Saturday - Sunday
  • Weekly progress calls with Errol
  • Monthly evaluation of your profit centers

Your first step in your On Track journey is your initial assessment. The assessment is required for both the Beginning to Mid-Level and the Advanced On Track Entrepreneurship Programs.

Your investment for the assessment is $200.00.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will be emailed a questionnaire to complete and return to us so we can have a better understanding of your unique situation and set up our initial session with you with.