Tia Ross, Strategy Specialist & Coach

As a Transformational Life & Strategy Coach, Tia Ross is heart-centered and committed to powerful, personal development that is results driven. Her coaching clients include, but are not exclusive to, executive business owners, program directors, youth, parents and community leaders across the globe.  Tia’s Transformational Coaching creates a strategic life transition plan that covers key areas of your life.  Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Liberating yourself from past limitations and habits
  • Staying inspired and motivated to experience more of your greatness
  • Enjoying a higher income and achieving clarity for an enhanced lifestyle
  • Realizing the highest vision for your life or business.
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"Have a Coach. Everybody Needs a Coach."

Eric Schmidt
Executive Chairman of Google

Coaching with Tia Ross

Tia Ross specializes in strategic planning for challenges in businesses, communities and families, as well as individuals.  If you find it difficult to get unstuck and make progress toward your dreams you can benefit from a personalized strategy for your life. Tia will help you see a clear path to success and equip you with a powerful action plan.

FREE 30-Minute Strategy Session

On a private phone call, you and Tia will discuss your current life and any challenges you're facing. You'll also dive into your long-term goals. As Tia's assessment yields powerful insights, together you'll craft an action plan. If you'd like to partner with Tia and have her guide you to successful results, sign up for one of Tia's Strategy Coaching Packages.

First Steps Strategy Package

The First Steps Strategy Package is for anyone who has an immediate challenge that is specific and will only require short-term coaching. The First Steps Strategy Package is available in 5 and 10-hour offerings. You and Tia will work together and create a detailed action plan to implement and achieve your first steps to success.

Second Step Strategy Sessions

Second Step Strategy Sessions provide for medium-term coaching of 3 to 6 months. You and Tia will meet via phone or video conference every other week. Together, you and Tia will document your goals, challenges and possibilities. Tia will provide an assessment and together you will craft a strategy for you to implement. Along the way Tia will provide insights, tactics, tools, resources and advice so you can achieve the results you desire. Homework and exercises will assigned each week to guarantee steady progress. A re-evaluation is provided midway through to ensure you're getting everything you're looking for.

Third Step Strategy Sessions

Third Step Strategy Sessions provide for coaching of 6 to 12 months. You and Tia will meet biweekly via phone or video conference. Together, you and Tia will document your goals, challenges and possibilities. Strategic plans with milestones will be put into place as well as success systems to support you in achieving results.

Tia will provide ongoing assessments of your progress and help you identify your strengths and areas where you require more support. Tia will provide insights, tactics, tools, resources and advice so you can stay motivated and on-track.

A re-evaluation is provided several times throughout the coaching term to ensure you're getting everything you're looking for.

Optional - Tia is also available to do an in-person visit to your workplace to help you accomplish your goals. She can be brought in to train your staff, provide education to your team members and help them envision their futures in productive and creative ways.

Customized Strategic Plans

Customized Strategic Plans are for those people who require a higher level of involvement with Tia. Each person's situation is unique and Tia can provide an in-depth assessment for you, your family, business or career. Together, you'll decide on the best course of action and how Tia can best support you in excelling beyond expectations.

If you own or run a business, Tia can create programs for you and your employees, designed to achieve success and accomplish ambitious goals. Change shouldn't be a challenge. It should be a welcome opportunity.

Tia is also available as a workshop leader, keynote speaker and mediator.

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