"May Your Choices Reflect Your Hopes,
Not Your Fears."

Nelson Mandela, Activist
Former President of South Africa & Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

About Tia Ross

At an early age Tia was determined to complete college despite her challenges of being a teen mother and living at the poverty level. She realized that her wealth would be up to her. With this desire for wealth, she persuaded and completed her Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminal Justice at San Diego State University. Her determination and hard work allowed her to create her life’s journey of bringing others out of their circumstances.  Through her leadership she has lead youth communities and families into emotional wealth.  Under her leadership she has touched the lives of over 200,000 youth and families. Motivating The Teen Spirit has helped to prevent over 6,550 teen suicides and reunited countless families. Tia’s passion is helping youth and families see and experience their greatness.

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From San Diego's The CW6: "Tia Ross, Hometown Hero"

Tia's Journey

Tia’s First Career

Upon completing her B.A in Criminal Justice and student work for the Department of Juvenile Justice, Tia took on the role as Family Support Worker in the City Heights Community of San Diego. She created programs that served different cultures and demographics within that community. These programs included the Somali Girls Group and The Hoover High Latina girls Group. Tia also served as the support worker and Liaison for the Hill Crest San Diego LGBT Community Center. Her primary role was to provide emotional healthiness workshops and self-sufficiency skills to youth in the LGBT community.

Tia then took on the role of supervisor for the CAT-WINGS program designed to provide services through the collaboration of family support works and the Juvenile Probation Department of Justice. She collaborated and completed a RFP proposal and won a $1,000,000 Grant to continue the work for 3 subsequent years.

Her love and experience led her to not only hold a professional position within the Juvenile Justice system; Tia also led spiritual services within the detention facilities for 3 years as a volunteer. Her experiences led her to work for the State of Georgia’s Juvenile facility, METRO Atlanta, where she served as a Mental Health Officer. Tia’s passion led her to serve as a volunteer Spiritual Leader for the Fulton County system for women inmates. Tia’s leadership has brought out the greatness in all she touches and serves.

Tia’s Second Career

Tia expanded her entrepreneurial skills as she built her own restaurants within the Atlanta community of Stone Mountain and Lithonia.  Tia partnered with her husband and family to design, operate and own a Mexican restaurant in the city of Lithonia. This restaurant experience gave Tia the platform to use her project management skills as she oversaw the building of the restaurant, creation of operating systems and training the staff to ensure the effective execution of the operation process.

Under her leadership, Tia led her co-owners through a tragic time for the South when Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area. It caused an influx of migration to the Atlanta communities. During this time, Tia turned the restaurant into its second phase — a community coffee shop. Known as the Upper Room Coffee and Bakery, it became the heart of the community during this challenging time for families misplaced due to Hurricane Katrina. The coffee shop became the hub for school meetings, political gatherings, business networking and entertainment.

Tia’s Today

Tia has dedicated her passion to developing and sustaining Motivating the Teen Spirit (MTS) with Lisa Nichols and Motivating the Masses (MTM).  Under Tia’s leadership, Motivating the Teen Spirit has been able to stand out during massive growth of the parent company, Motivating the Masses. They faced the challenges of a changing economy that impacted youth and communities across the U.S. Tia’s brilliance has allowed her to lead as an International Master Facilitator, Director and Master Trainer for this program.  She has led and trained other youth leaders in the MTS curriculum, certifying more than a dozen students in the work of emotional healthiness in the Train the Trainer program.

As the Director of Motivating the Teen Spirit, Tia’s responsibilities are to train, develop, lead, and grow the division’s bottom-line through fundraising and corporate sponsorship development through a non-profit structure.

As a leader, Tia developed a volunteer system that created a relationship with local universities and institutions of higher education to provide internships for students in San Diego. Motivating the Teen Spirit serves the San Diego Community, communities throughout the United States and around the Globe.  MTS has reached countries such as Russia, Sweden, Canada, and Africa.  To date, MTS has reached over 220,000 youth and communities; helped to prevent over 6,550 teen suicides; placed over 2,500 youth who were considering dropping out of school back into their education and reunited countless families.

Motivating the Teen Spirit provides extensive services to military communities throughout the US, homeless communities in the Bay Area, and education systems throughout the world. The most recent accomplishments include the development of the company's non-profit foundation, designed to provide services to families that cannot afford World Class Self-Development Programs, such as, but not limited to MTS.  Motivating The Teen Spirit is Tia Ross's life, work and commitment to changing legacies around the world.

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