Tia Ross
Transformational Speaker & Trainer

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Admired by audiences internationally, Tia Ross is a dynamic keynote speaker and presenter. Her message is not only inspiring, but life-changing as well. Tia's story and her authenticity, provide the emotional connection your audience needs and wants.

Through her work, Tia has influenced the lives of thousands of teen and adults, teaching them how to become influential leaders utilizing integrity-based decision-making through effective communication and community involvement.

Tia has delivered keynote messages to church ministries across the United States as well as many organizations, school districts, companies and government departments. They include Career Alliance, Flint, Michigan; San Diego Juvenile Justice; San Diego Unified Schools; Cedar Rapids, Iowa School District; Boys and Girls Clubs of Pomona, California; the YMCA of Kentucky; DCSF Los Angeles County; Nu-Way Christian Ministries, San Diego, California; New Mercies Christian Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia; Ambassadors for Christ, San Diego, California; the Jenna Druck Foundation; and Operation Home Front.

Keynote Topics

Book Tia for Your Next Event
  • Living On Purpose with a Purpose - Based on Tia Ross's Bestselling Book
  • Attitudes & Mindsets for Successful Leadership: What it Takes to Be Successful
  • Self-Guided Leadership So You Can Identify Core Values, Develop Strategies & Manage Challenges
  • Beyond Goal-Setting to Achieving Results
  • Building Trust & Empowering Your Team to Manage Breakdowns & Support Others
  • Communication, Collaboration & Commitment: The 3 C's of Leadership
  • Envisioning Your Future and Achieving Results: An New Kind of Action Plan
  • Discovering Your Destiny So You Can Live the Life You Desire
  • The Push-and-Pull of Conflict Resolution: How to Resolve & Build Your Relationships with Integrity
  • The Real Secrets of Effective Communication
  • How to Identify & SHIFT Negative Self-Talk So You Can Be More Effective & Accelerate Your Results
  • Listening for Possibilities: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Conversation